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Should we pre-emptively retire old hard drives?

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Hmmm, just this Friday the 13th I was awakened by a man in coveralls who told me my Laptop had to be serviced immediately since his records indicated it's HD failed 21 minutes from now. The strange thing was, he bore a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise.  He showed me the print-out.  It was beautiful, muti-colored and had several types of charts.  The good news was he could quote me an exact figure for parts and labor since he already knew what his diagnosis would show.

Of course I gave him the go ahead.   :D

Re this thread, rather than "pre-emptively kill" (which means guessing) my HD, I'd guess I'd rather just have a "silent backup" available that maybe only needs a quick bios switch to make "bootable live". Because we put a bit of work to get quality parts in my comp. Why "pre-emptively" lose 3 years of service just from one random article?


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