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I was wondering has anyone here been using regularly, if so, how's it going? :)
(Further comparisions with gmail of special interest here.)

btw Iain started a new thread about migrating:
Migrating from Google to Microsoft

@tomos: I have only been using a bit, as I could not see an easy way of migrating fully from Gmail - until today (which was why I made that separate post about migrating from Google to Microsoft

Given my increased reliance/use of OneNote and its integration in MS Office Professional Plus 2013 (cost $10.00), my intention is to move to the better integration (and fuller-featured functionality) of MS Office + SkyDrive + Win8.1 + Contacts.

^Thanks Iain

Was reading this: (The Case against Gmail / Ed Bott) - the comments are informative.
When the outlook import feature (see the Migrating thread) gets activated here, I can just try it out and see how I get on.

I see Outlook offers a paid "Ad-free Outlook"

What caught my eye there was:
What you get
No account expiration

You don't need to log in to keep your account active as long as your Ad-free subscription is current.

--- End quote ---

So, the free has inbuilt account expiration :tellme:
My mail gets checked regularly but that is still not inspiring of confidence...

Yes... it's been that way since hotmail.  If you don't login for a set period of time (I think it's 90 days) your account gets wiped.  You still retain the account, but all of the e-mail is gone.


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