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So I signed on as myself to give it, but then the security process wanted to send a text key message to my phone and insisted that I accept a charge for it via Credit card/Paypal (part of which charge would go to a charity),
-IainB (August 04, 2012, 08:08 PM)
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Oh, wow, that's nutz..

I then found myself trapped in a tight security-checking process where I had to ask my parent/guardian for proof of approval.
-IainB (August 04, 2012, 08:08 PM)
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It doesn't sound like it would matter, but I'm curious: did you do your daughter's email address as a whole new account or as a "child" account (both literally and figuratively -- see screenshot)

I did it as a completely separate, new account. I wanted the address to be "hers", discrete and not owned under an umbrella account (mine). Otherwise, I foresaw potential difficulties in later getting her email address converted from a child account of mine to a discrete account n her name. I didn't want to lose the opportunity to get the Firstname.Lastname pattern secured for her.

Potentially useful post from - Outlook blog: (click on link to view)
Upgrade from Hotmail to

It appears I have maneuvered myself into the same corner :-\.
-Jibz (August 04, 2012, 12:02 PM)
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Looks like I managed to change it.

My problem was my primary address was an external one, and I had created an alias with the name I ended up wanting to change to my primary. It turns out, that as long as the alias is on the same account, you can delete the alias and then change your primary address to it, and it will work (with some caveats, like if you already changed it once this year you may not be able to again, and you can only have up to 5 aliases).

I don't think deleting an alias makes it available to other accounts though, at least not for a certain period, so you cannot create a new account using an address you had as an alias.

The 5 alias limit per year (think it said 15 in total somewhere) is worth noting, since you may hold back a couple in case you want a localized outlook address when/if they become available. Also, it means they are not quite as "disposable" as that article suggested.

Btw, the settings pages for managing this stuff are quite horrible.


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