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Gmail is laggy on Firefox and also nagging a lot with ads and usability. I hope they don't do that to other browsers than IE.

I like the interface.

Found a couple of things out the hard way. If you sign up for this using a Windows Live account that uses a non-Microsoft email address, you don't get a new Microsoft email address you can send from, you'll have to send from your non-Microsoft email address within (I wouldn't recommend it, when I sent from my gmail address TO my gmail address from, it gets flagged as a possibly not from me when I logged into Gmail to check it out.) You can create email aliases which are, but you can't send from them (at least in the above scenario). And the really important part, once you create an alias, you can't use that email address for a new account even if you delete the alias later.

One feature I just glanced at that hasn't gotten any hype yet to my knowledge is that you can have sub-accounts for kids.

Carol Haynes:
AdBlock Plus works well with

AdBlock Plus works well with
-Carol Haynes (August 04, 2012, 07:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

Do you mean because there are no ads adverts yet, or have you seen some that it is blocking?


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