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Found a couple of things out the hard way. If you sign up for this using a Windows Live account that uses a non-Microsoft email address, you don't get a new Microsoft email address you can send from, you'll have to send from your non-Microsoft email address within (I wouldn't recommend it, when I sent from my gmail address TO my gmail address from, it gets flagged as a possibly not from me when I logged into Gmail to check it out.) You can create email aliases which are, but you can't send from them (at least in the above scenario). And the really important part, once you create an alias, you can't use that email address for a new account even if you delete the alias later.
-daddydave (August 04, 2012, 06:50 AM)
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It appears I have maneuvered myself into the same corner :-\.

You can choose to send from an alias by creating an e-mail and pressing the little down arrow next to your name on the left (aliases seem to appear after a while). Still doesn't give an obvious way to change an alias into the main address.


You can choose to send from an alias by creating an e-mail and pressing the little down arrow next to your name on the left
-Jibz (August 04, 2012, 12:02 PM)
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Oh, I didn't see that, thanks!  :Thmbsup:

The ads "feature" seems to have rolled out to me right before my eyes, that gray area was blank before. Time to re-enable ABP! Ads are pretty though, and showing local restaurants, so maybe I keep them for a while.

...And isn't that the same link in the OP IanB?
-wraith808 (August 04, 2012, 10:49 AM)
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Oh yes, so it is. Coincidence. I had evidently been reading the same post as @nosh, but as he had put the hyperlink only (which I didn't look at anyway) and not the title, in my scan-reading haste I had not realised it was the same thing.

WARNING: Consider not using true Date of birth when setting up an account for a minor.
When I got a laptop for my daughter Lily (now 10 y/o), I tried to set up a Gmail account for her that used the simple format [email protected], but that name pattern for her name had already been taken (was not available).

So when was announced, I hurriedly went in to see if I could set up an account for Lily that enabled her to use the format [email protected] To my delight, it was available.
I was entering her details and when it came to "Date of birth", I unthinkingly put in her true DOB. When I went to set up her access to Live (MSM), SkyDrive etc., I then found myself trapped in a tight security-checking process where I had to ask my parent/guardian for proof of approval. So I signed on as myself to give it, but then the security process wanted to send a text key message to my phone and insisted that I accept a charge for it via Credit card/Paypal (part of which charge would go to a charity), and I had to use the text key as proof.
At which point I bailed out of the process in frustration, as I dislike being obliged to give out personal information (phone number and credit card details) to get something like this done and being obliged to accept a charge for it at the same time. Ruddy cheek!    >:(

When I explained to Lily that I had what I had done and the hassle, she said:
"Oh yes. Dad, I avoid giving my real age when I am setting up an account for a game or anything, but if I do give it I also give my Gmail account as my guardian's email address, and approve it that way."
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I went into her account and changed her DOB to an adult age (63). Let's see if that works...


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