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MoveIt - windows management app - Mini-Review


Updated March 2015

App NameMoveItApp URL (scroll down a bit) - dc thread is hereApp Version ReviewedMoveIt updated for version System SpecsQuadCore, 8GB RAM, Win7 x64 / also tested with Win.8.1 x64Supported OSesXP, Win.7, Win.8.1Support Methodsdc forum thread above / forum PM, etc.Upgrade PolicyN/A see belowTrial Version Available?N/A see belowPricing SchemedonationwareAuthor (of the app) Donation Link Donate to MilesAhead, the app Author (here on dc); or via directly via paypal: Video URL -- Relationship btwn. Reviewer and ProductWe're both longtime dc forum members. I've used this app daily for years now, I've asked for features - and gotten them. I'm a fan :p
NOTE: according to download page, MoveIt is only for use with a single monitor. For a multi-monitor setup, check out GridMove.


MoveIt is a windows manager designed to flexibly resize windows, and also to move the active window in various ways. It is not unlike GridMove but it takes a different approach.

It uses a limited number of preset, but customisable, window sizes.
There are three varying methods to resize a window:

* Hold Middle Mouse Button on Caption Bar and press one of the keys listed below
* Press Winkey and click a window, then press one of the keys listed below
* Use custom hotkey combination (needs to be set by user; no mouse-click needed with this one), then press one of the keys listed below
[to resize]
L = Left
R = Right
T = Top
B = Bottom
C = Center
S = Square

[to move]
h = horiz center
v = vert center
keys 1 to 9 will move the active window from bottom left of screen through to top right - without resizing it

u = undo
z = Custom Save (more info below)

Screenshots of some window layouts I use

MoveIt - windows management app - Mini-Review

MoveIt - windows management app - Mini-Review

Custom Save

The beauty of the app is that you can modify all these window sizes very easily on the fly:
resize your window to whatever size you want for e.g. "top", press your default hotkey, then
press "z", you get the dialogue below - press "t" for top -
you can change the current window size to default for any of the above options (Left / Right / etc.)

Working with Explorer

Press Control Shift e to Stagger open Explorer Windows
Press Control Shift x to Close all Explorer Windows

Other very nice features:

# Ctrl+Winkey+ArrowKeys, and Alt+Winkey+ArrowKeys, will move active window in increments in the direction of the arrow key (again without resizing it).
# An easy way of making four equal sized windows:
Move a window by dragging the title bar - press alt before releasing the mouse and the window will snap to the quadrant in which the mouse was released.

Who is this app designed for:

It's a relatively simple window resizer/mover. What with having to hit a hotkey and/or mouse click and then another key - initially I thought this would be too much key pressing but I'm finding it no problem at all to implement, and easy remember all the keys. So dont be scared away by that aspect of things.

Customisable hotkey:

Ctrl+Winkey+ArrowKeys and Alt+Winkey+ArrowKeys as used to move windows in increments, and the Explorer related hotkeys - these are not customisable.
To setup a hotkey for changing window size -
right-click on the tray icon:

for advanced users:

Why I think you should use this product & How does it compare to similar apps

If you want to arrange your windows, I'd recommend both this and GridMove.
MoveIt is more focused on using keyboard shortcuts - I know GridMove is also mouse friendly, but I've only ever used it via the keyboard so cannot really comment on it's mouse capability.

I have MoveIt and GridMove both running in the tray - I havent had any problems with that.

Initially I liked MoveIt mainly for the ability to move windows without resizing, but now I rarely use GridMove as I find MoveIt (also) intuitive to use, and it has more than enough options for most of my needs.
GridMove has the advantage of catering to multi-monitor setups and also to more complex window arrangements.


I love it :)

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Fully updated this review for version
Still a great fan of this app, use it every day - thanks to MilesAhead :Thmbsup:


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