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Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

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Still, a very functional extension that will make its way to Firefox "soon" since Mozilla plans on "adopting" Google extensions.

It appears you (still) can't save clips to desktop Onenote (windows). ...
-yosemite (August 11, 2016, 01:14 AM)
--- End quote ---
Well, yes you can, actually.
I have my default Quick Notes location set as the Quick Notes section in my default web-based Notebook.
However, I always operate on the client-based cached copy of that web-based Notebook. I rarely - hardly ever - operate on the web-based Notebook itself via a web browser when online.
The client-based cached Notebook looks and feels like, and behaves like, a client-based Notebook, though it is constantly syncing with and updating changes as I am making them, onto the web-based Notebook. If I am not online, then the changes are synced when next I go online.
Thus, to all intents and purposes, I am working on a client-based Notebook.

Under these circumstances, I have rarely needed to clip stuff to the Quick Notes section, using the browser-based OneNote clipping tool, so that tool has effectively been surplus to requirements as far as I was concerned.

However, the browser-based OneNote clipping tool has just been updated so that its functionality currently enables it to be used:

* To to send a screenshot capture of an entire scrolling web page to the web-based Notebook - and those screenshots are at least as good as, if not better than, the scrolling screenshots you can get using SC (ScreenshotCaptor), but I rarely need to do that.
* To capture sections of a web page as a screenshot, but I never need to do that as I use the client-based clipping tool for that.
* To capture just the article text on the web page, "in an easy-to read format", but I I rarely need to do that, but if I did I would use the client-based clipping tool or, more likely,  CHS (Clipboard Help and Spell) - though it seems that CHS does not also capture the URL (meta-data), except in Firefox.
* To clip a bookmark - "just the title synopsis, thumbnail and link" to the web-based Notebook. This is a new feature in the OneNote browser-based clipping tool, and I have wanted something like it for ages, as it captures all of the relevant meta-data for bookmarks that I had been wanting to be able to capture in CHS (but which can't do that).
But look at this:

That Clip Images and Selections (and edit them) is rather nifty (shades of the FF add-on Scrapbook, though not as comprehensively useful).
The Automatic Video Selection is also rather nifty, and I had accidentally discovered a couple of days ago that this had been enabled for the direct pasting into a client-based Notebook/cache - this was before I saw the above announcement in my SlimJet (Chrome) browser.

Works well with Slimjet Linux (ChaletOS in my case) version too!  :Thmbsup:

Not at all with other Chromium based like Opera and Vivaldi and still none for Firefox.
Same situation with Google Chrome Keep Extension.

So, for those switching from Evernote or Windows, it is good news for sure!

Rather than being a tip about some useful functionality in OneNote, this is a tip about the limitations of OneNote's OCR functionality. Though it can produce very good (relatively error-free) OCR output from a good quality image containing text, it evidently does rather less well with poorer image quality.

As a result of reading this: Office Lens: CamScanner For Windows 10 - I download the Office Lens for PC app from Download Office Lens (Store link).

I already have the FREE Office Lens app on the Windows smartphone that I have been using, and it's very useful and integrates well with OneNote.
The FREE Office Lens download (above) is more obviously useful on (say) a tablet PC with a camera, and may not be much use on a laptop/PC. However, it has an Import function, so one can get it to process any image on the laptop or PC client and re-dimension it as a pukka document and then OCR scan it and save it to a OneNote Notebook. Just what I was waiting for.


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