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Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

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...Added to which, the OneNote developers are quietly beavering away in the background, making changes that are beneficial for users, so a seemingly kludgy feature found in OneNote today may be gone by tomorrow.
-IainB (July 22, 2016, 06:17 AM)
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Partial extract from: OneNote July roundup - From <>

OneNote Web Clipper
Our OneNote Web Clipper is better than ever. We have a number of new features on our Web Clipper for Chrome, Safari, and IE to give you more control over your screen clippings before you send it into OneNote.

* Preview—Ever wonder exactly what was about to show up in OneNote once you clipped? Problem solved! Now all clipping modes—full page, region, article, recipe and product—provide a preview so what you see is what you get.
* YouTube and Vimeo support—You can now clip videos from YouTube and Vimeo pages into OneNote.
* Highlight text—When you clip an article, product or recipe you can highlight sections of text, and those highlights will be saved to OneNote.
* Clip multiple regions in one go—Clip multiple regions of a webpage and save them all in a single OneNote page.
* Use your own title—Change the title of your page in the preview window before sending it to OneNote.
* Articles your way—Change the font size and type in your article to improve readability before you even clip it to OneNote.Update to the latest version to see all the new features or download the extension at

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Some useful, timely and overdue changes there.    :Thmbsup:
There's more at the link.

No Firefox support? Shame.

No Firefox support? Shame.
-Attronarch (July 22, 2016, 11:24 AM)
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Heh. Yes, that's what I thought too, even though I'm weaning myself off of Firefox, so it doesn't adversely affect me. Mind you, MS have never provided a OneNote clipping tool for Firefox, though there was one called Clip to OneNote provided by
- details at
That had two components - a Java-based "Listener" and a browser add-on/extension - one for each of Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, and Opera.
I trialled the Firefox one and gave a lot of feedback to the developer (Jayarathina Madharasan) as it was not functioning happily and he needed a guinea-pig (me). He eventually got it to work OK, but not the way he expected, and then I think the Firefox one didn't work for the later Firefox versions - see
I eventually stopped using it as it stopped working properly with newer versions of Firefox.

Still, it might be worth a trial if you were interested. His website seems unattended (he apologises for his absence), but - who knows? - he might be interested in some collaborative development effort/testing.

I nearly forgot: he has a read-only shared OneNote NoteBook - a Guide to using Clip to OneNote (click on the link). (Smart thinking, that.)

Other than the lack of support for Firefox, this is probably the best thing Microsoft has done since Windows 7.

It appears you (still) can't save clips to desktop Onenote (windows).

I was mildly disappointed when the new clipper was first unveiled last year, that it didn't have this basic ability.  But not long after that I realized that significant improvements to the classic desktop version were unlikely, and contrary to their desire to move people to the online version.


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