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Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

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Where document layout and appearance is important, then consider copying your notes into a MS Word document, if you want them to look their nicest on publication.
This is an example of why:

I just changed the title of the opening thread and added this to the foot of the OP:
EDIT: 2014-09-09 - Thread title changed to "Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks" (from "Microsoft OneNote 2007 - some experiential Tips & Tricks")
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I came across this basic question in a OneNote discussion forum:
How can I search for phrase (not just single word) in OneNote - Microsoft Community
i love using onenote but one thing that truly bother me is the search function (control+F). If i try to search for single word, it works just fine. However the problem occur when I try to search for a phrase.
For example: If I search for "September", OneNote will highlight all the text "September" in my note. Thing is, if I search for "September 2014", OneNote will highlight each of "September" and each of "2014" instead of highlighting the phrase "September 2014" altogether.
This is annoying to me because i have a very long note and I need to manually scroll to find specific phrase that I need to find. How can I fix this in OneNote?
PS: I use OneNote 2013 for desktop version in Windows 8.1 (and not modern tile version)

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- and a helpful answer:
 Put quotes around the groups of word you want to search for. It'll return only the instances of that word group you're searching for. See this website for some Tips and Tricks too:
Granted the author is using OneNote 2010, these still carry over to OneNote 2013. You can even use Boolean keywords like AND and OR to fine tune your search results, however no wildcards.

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Though the link is to an old site and refers to an earlier OneNote version (current version is OneNote 2013), the website has lots of useful and still relevant OneNote stuff.

I was reminded of this DCF comment by @CWuestefeld:
Top OneNote tips
There's a nice list of OneNote tips & tricks from Chris Pratley's Office Labs and OneNote Blog, and I know there are plenty of folks around these parts loving organizer tools including OneNote.

Here are a couple of cool ones I hadn't known before:
13. Type a word, right click on it, click "Create Linked page", then click the link and presto you're on a new page with that title that is linked to from the first page. Great for things like "here is the recipe for Grandma's cookies". highlight "Grandma's cookies", right click, create linked page. [CWuestefeld: this sounds like a Wiki?]
EDIT by IainB on 2014-11-28 1059hrs: This functionality was replaced in OneNote 2007 and later. All you have to do now is type out a word or phrase with double square brackets at both ends - e.g., [[this phrase]] - and if a page in your open Notebooks already exists with that word/phrase as its title, then OneNote will underline the text of the word/phrase you have just typed in and turn it into a hyperlink to that existing page, otherwise OneNote will create a page with that word/phrase as a title, in the section you are currently in, and will underline the text of the word/phrase you have just typed in and turn it into a hyperlink to that newly-created page.
This is Wiki-like hyperlinking, and potentially incredibly useful.

8. Right-click on image (e.g. screen clipping), copy text from picture (also works great when searching for a screen clipping - Find (Ctrl-F) will find text inside your images!)

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Anybody want to contribute other tips?
-CWuestefeld (March 20, 2009, 01:31 PM)
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Some of these sites referring to earlier versions of OneNote are still relevant and worth study, as the functionality in OneNote versions seems to have been consistently upwards/backwards compatible.

Thanks for these tips on OneNote - always interesting to find the little "undocumented" features, isn't it!  ;)

@AzureToad: You're welcome, and thanks for the appreciation. OneNote seems to be an incredibly useful/powerful PIM (Personal Information Manager), which most users probably won't need to use more than (say) 20% of - rather like MS Word. Trial-and-error discovery often turns up some useful points though, and that's one reason why I subscribe to OneNote forums in my Bazgux feed reader - you can see the errors/problems other users are having, and though many of these discussions might often seem to be about kinda basic problems, the discussions can sometimes lead to little discoveries that you might not otherwise have made if you hadn't been paying attention.


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