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Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

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I've not got Win10 anything yet, though am awaiting its scheduled release later this month.
What you say sounds interesting. Anything that might improve the ergonomics or efficiency of the ON GUI is probably good news for users.

Although i do like the new Onenote they offer, i'm not so sure about the rest.
The shareware/freeware i presently have don't all work with Windows 10.
So, i've gone back to Windows 7 for now.

IainB...sometimes you scare me.

spam spam bacon spam:
It's nice see that OneNote is now a free program.

Do have one hick with this software.
The other day, tried to import a .pdf file but it created separate "pages" for each page instead of one page (as hoped for) but ended up with over 400!-dantheman (February 17, 2015, 02:18 PM)
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Go to FILE tab
Scroll nearly to bottom, for PRINTOUTS
Uncheck "Insert long printouts on multiple pages"

Evidently i went on to delete the OneNote pages but it seems that we can only delete one page at a time.
Fortunately, i was able to transfer the other pages to another "tab" then simply delete the one with all the extra pages.
Wish there was a way to batch delete some pages instead of one at a time.
-dantheman (February 17, 2015, 02:18 PM)
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Deleting multiple pages at once is very easy, even more so for your particular situation.

The list of pages is displayed in the left sidebar:
Clicking on a page name once displays that page.
However, clicking on it twice turns the bar with the page name darkish gray? taupe? puke? 
That page is now "selected."

Now use either the SHIFT or CTRL key to select other pages.

SHIFT selects all everything in between.
CTRL "cherrypicks."

The bars of the additional selected pages will also turn dirty diaper colored.

Don't bother to right click.
Just press DELETE.

Your printout was created as a single "top-level" page and a billion subpages.
Make sure you collapse all the subpages first.
To do that, mouseover the top-level page bar, and a carrot "^" will appear.
Click the carrot and it will collapse the pages, displaying a v "v"

Click the top level page twice to gray it and hit delete.
The whole set of pages will be deleted.




^^ I think @spam's reply duplicates my earlier one on that same point:
Multiple page deletes are simple: You can select multiple pages at a time, using the Page tabs (holding down the Shift key to collect a contiguous range of pages, or the Ctrl key to select/deselect pages in a selected range). All the selected page tabs go grey. You then delete them with a single press of the Delete key. That sends just the selected pages to the Trash. They can be recovered from Trash for a while, but Trash will eventually be expunged according to the settings for that. ...(more)
-IainB (February 18, 2015, 10:16 AM)
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