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Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks

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This is just a quick, general summary of what seem to be the current issues relating to WDS (Windows Desktop Search) and ON (OneNote) search.

* 1. WDS searches local (i.e., on the client PC) files only. Thus:

* (a) if you have the primary working copy of ON Notebooks on the Client, then - assuming that search for the relevant file types has been enabled (per @wraith808's point, above) - the WDS will have indexed those Notebooks.
* (b) if you have the primary working copy of ON Notebooks on SkyDrive, and are syncing those to the Client, then the WDS will not have indexed those Notebooks.

* 2. WDS on Win7-64 worked fine with ON in this regard, though you could find problems - e.g., ERROR (Solved): The protocol "oneindex" does not have a registered program..

* 3. WDS on Win8-64 and Win 8.1-64 seems to have had some so far not always explained problems with ON searches, according to discussions on user forums. A lot of these problems seem to hinge on issues relating to iFilters and the proper registration of same in the Registry. It's a real PITA. I am unsure whether what are termed "search connector protcols" are also involved in this.

* 4. Searching ON Notebooks using the built-in ON search functionality seems to work fine whether the Notebooks being searched are on SkyDrive or the Client, or both. The only caution is that they may need to be open in ON for indexing/search to take place successfully.
Refer also to the comprehensive Microsoft Windows Search Overview (Windows)

Lifehacker Faceoff: OneNote vs. Evernote.
I think it could be pretty useful if OneNote and Evernote were somehow merged...   :-\ -IainB (November 27, 2014, 04:30 PM)
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just a tiny step, but a step: From the author of StExBar and grepWin: Evernote2Onenote

Evernote2Onenote is a small tool to import Evernote notebooks to Onenote.
Evernote2Onenote uses the Evernote script engine ENScript.exe to export notes. These notes are parsed and then imported into Onenote.
Evernote2Onenote requires that both Evernote and Onenote are installed. Also, at least Onenote 2013 is required.
To use Evernote2Onenote from a command line, you can specify the notebook to import and the date from which on notes should be imported: >Evernote2Onenote.exe NotebookName 01-01-2015< If no date is specified, all notes are imported.
Evernote2Onenote is open source (GNU GPL v3).-steveking
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To be frank, I'm not sure whether integrating the two (Evernote and OneNote) would have much added value at this point, EN having arguably been locked into a developmental dead-end for some time now, and ON being quite the opposite of that - e.g., now fully integrated with MS Office, and including things such as, for example, OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) and wiki hyperlinking, etc..
The Evernote2Onenote thing looks like it could be a good one-way migration tool though.

It would have been good if EN had stayed on the path it was on with the excellent client software of evernote_2.2.1.386.exe, but that seems to have been deliberately canned, presumably because the EN market direction was decided as being towards Cloud lock-in, or something.
In any event, when they canned it, disgusted EN users such as myself left the camp in droves. You can still get that version as a stand-alone (PC or portable) client, but it doesn't integrate with the EN Cloud service and it is by now somewhat outdated.
I reckon WizNote could have the potential to disrupt this sort of PIM market if the developers wanted to do that.

A bit of a rant:
I find the ergonomics of fast 2 or 3-pane navigation in a PIM make for really efficient and pleasant use in the GUI. I'm not sure whether EN offers this, but ON does, though it is (in my view) a bit kludgy. The best I have used was in InfoSelect v8, which also offered vertical categorisation (tagging) tabs so you got fast 2-dimentional display across multiple subject categories within a 2-pane display. However, IS8 is looking pretty dated by now, and the latest version (IS10) doesn't seem up to much by comparison.
Interestingly Clipboard Help & Spell has a pretty efficient 2 or 3-pane display (if you want it), though in terms of responsiveness the navigation seems a bit sluggish.
EDIT 2017-08-08 0228hrs: Since writing the above, the sluggishness in CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell) has been fixed and the software has been further improved. It now seems to be blazingly fast, so I would recommend it highly to other users.
Cross-posted from: Re: Problem: CHS consistently very slow to display clips. Need workaround or fix.
This can definitely be flagged as "FIXED" now!
I have downloaded CHS v2.38 BETA and installed it, from

Thanks a lot for doing this speed-up. Nice work. You raised the bar of CHS' performance.   :Thmbsup:
 CHS v2.38 BETA is blazingly fast - just like it should be. Out of interest, I was just comparing it side-by-side with CHS v2.36 BETA on another laptop. No contest!
And thanks also for improving the functional ergonomics of the Home/End keys. It's only a small ergonomic improvement, but, when one uses those keys as frequently as I tend do on a daily basis, then it can all add up so that even a small ergonomic improvement like that can make for a vast improvement over time, in terms of time saved.

By contrast, the speed-up is also an ergonomic improvement, but it's a big deal (massive) improvement for this user, and it changes one's whole perception of the ease-of-use of CHS. After this fix, one can now better use CHS for the sorts of things it should and could have been useful for, by design, but which one had avoided using it for, because it was effectively crippled by such a proverbial PITB. (Because of my critical view and high expectations, I am usually extremely impatient with computer software and can't abide "laggy" functionality in a GUI that I need to use.)

A much happier user now!    :)
-IainB (December 16, 2016, 10:25 PM)
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Cross-posting here for information:
Useful OneNote links
Just some notes, following my comments and others', above. Sorry I was in a rush and did not put these in earlier. These are some potentially useful links:

* 7breaths - occasionally has some good user posts about OneNote.

* Engineering OneNote Blog - very informative and worth a read, but now closed, with Onetastic (Omer Atay) kind of picking up the threads.

* MS Office Answers (all OneNote discussions) - potentially informative and useful if you want to see what problems/queries other users are having or need advice about OneNote. A busy forum. Make posts there if there is something you feel you have to offer to help.

* Office OneNote Gem Add-Ins - Commercial ($PAID) and proprietary add-ins that mostly seem to do what you can probably do with OneTastic macros ($FREE), so I haven't wanted to use any of these add-ins, and cannot really comment. Probably useful for users who haven't got the knowledge or expertise to use Onetastic macros.

* OneNote Office Blog - mostly product news.

* Onetastic - I describe it as a "forum" because you can post comments and also upload your own-developed macros to share with other users. There are a few seriously useful OneNote macros or add-ins on this forum/website. The macro language is under ongoing development, and not all the macro commands can necessarily use all of the functionality of OneNote and get the expected result (from my experience of writing some macros).

* MS Office 2013 US$9.95 Corporate/Enterprise Home Use Program - Mini-Review - on DC Forum.

* Microsoft OneNote - some experiential Tips & Tricks - on DC Forum.

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It's nice see that OneNote is now a free program.

Do have one hick with this software.
The other day, tried to import a .pdf file but it created separate "pages" for each page instead of one page (as hoped for) but ended up with over 400!
Evidently i went on to delete the OneNote pages but it seems that we can only delete one page at a time.
Fortunately, i was able to transfer the other pages to another "tab" then simply delete the one with all the extra pages.
Wish there was a way to batch delete some pages instead of one at a time.


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