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new DVD "M-Disc" perfect for archive material

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An article over on the PC Pro website:

The M-Disc shares the same size, shape and 4.7GB capacity of a DVD, and indeed can be read by any standard DVD drive, yet Millenniata says this special disc “cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes”. As the website says, it’s “the first ever permanent file backup disc that lasts forever”.

Read more: M-Disc: the DVD that “lasts forever” | PC Pro blog

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WOW~! Nice find!

I really only burn for backups, and I always worry about degradation as it has happened to me far too many times. It's a pisser when you pick up a disk after so long, only to find that you can't read it.

Important to note that you have to buy a special DVD burner "the MWriter" - which doesnt seem to be easily available.

The Millenniata discs, while readable in normal DVD drives, are not writable in a
standard drive due to the proprietary firmware required to write to the Millennial disc. As
a result, there is only one drive that can be used to burn Millenniata media, the MWriter.
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/from the PDF test results PDF Link.

Good point, tomos.

Personally, I'm waiting for another year or two. In the article they mention they are working on a blu-ray disc, and even a dual layer blu-ray disc, which they hope to be available within the next year (or two). They are so sure of this they aren't bothering with a dual layer DVD disc version.

So, hopefully, you'll be able to have 50 gig (blu-ray) discs in the not too distant future. At which point I'm sure the hardware will be more available and the disc quite common (especially as they are expecting other manufacturers to come onboard).

Looks like you can get an M-Disc burner for $80 or so.

Not too bad. Disks are around $4 each for 5, then $2.90 each for 25. Really, if you care in the least about your data, the small premium is worth it.


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