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This is my third farr plugin. This time for gmail  (again modified from gtasks)
It allows you look at your inbox and to send emails in the popup window of FARR.

One of the advantages of a  mail plugin(s) is that you can use it in a popup window
while you are looking at another webpage in you browser.

screenshot of gmail plugin (Windows XP, old version of IE)

how to install
unzip the zipfile in subfolder Plugins (84.57 kB - downloaded 803 times.)

there should be four files in the subfolder gmail of Plugins
e.g. c:\Program Files\FARR\Plugins\gmail\gmail.ico

default farr alias for this plugin is gmail
if you want to overrule the alias, please read description for my yahoo and operamail plugins.


Thank you for sharing this  :up:

I don't understand how to actually use it...

Can you please explain?


normally you use farr for finding programs and files
if you have a google mail account (you can create one for free)
with this plugin you can access your inbox without having to open your browser.

just copy the files to the plugin folders as described.
then you can enter the command gmail

you'll see your (web)gmail inbox (sometimes you see the gmail log in webpage first)
now you can read, search, create, and delete messages.

do you need more info

I tried this out yesterday myself, and couldn't get it to work either:

Here's the plugin manager, gmail plugin is selected and advanced options opened.

Possibly relevant:
1) should there be advanced options?
2) the tickbox beside the plugin is unticked when I open the manager. I ticked it - but it was unticked again next time I opened the manager.
3) does it not somehow need to get my gmail details?

I tried relaoding plugins and restarting FARR with no change.

Win7 Pro 64bit


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