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farr operamail or fastmail plugin



my operamail (hosted at fastmail) plugin shows your in-box and allows you to compose and send emails.
 (it is a shamefull copy of the GoogleTasks javascript by rulfzid).

the default command/alias is
you have to login into the site as usual.  IE will remember your username and password.

How to install:
unzip file in subfolder Plugins of FARR
it should now contain 4 files (fscript.dll, fscript.cfi, fscript.js, operamail.ico) Do not put anything else in this folder.
e.g. c:\Program Files\FARR\plugins\operamail\fscript.dll
operamail screenshot clean small.jpg (62.82 kB. 350x288 - viewed 2025 times.)

start FARR, go to options (Ctrl-O)
Program Options  >> Settings >> Plugins and Update
press button [ Click to Examine and configure Plugins..]
press [ Find and Reload all Plugins ]
press [OK]
<you can overrule the alias operamail  by another unique available alias>
press [Close]
press [Ok]

screenshot operamail


You are on a roll!  :up:

Operamail service ended, fastmail uses different interface.

This plugin does not work anymore, sorry



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