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DCUpdater portable version?


I can't find a portable version & I don't have admin privileges on my work computer. Is there one?

There isn't really a portable version.. I suppose I could make one but let me suggest that for portable use,  best not to use dcupdater -- the only thing it does it help you download new versions, so it's not that useful.  Just check for updates within the donationcoder app and let it take you to the webpage to do the manual download.  DcUpdater doesn't save you enough steps to bother with using it portably.

But how do I check with the donation coder app? Isn't it the same as dcupdater or is there a different app that doesn't require admin privileges? Can I check if plugins are current from within FARR itself?

My apps have a built in ability to check for updates now (when you ask them to), they just can't download the update for you -- instead they will refer you to the webpage if you don't have dcupdater installed.

However, as you suggest, FARR plugins are not included in this -- only dcupdater knows about farr plugins; you'll have to get those manually.


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