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Luu Tran's wry philosophy of programming

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>Xnews is under development again?!

Just minor bugfixes. I've used it for many years until I switched to some other newsreader. Luu stated, the code is a mess and he'll never make it open source.

I think as plain text newsreader Xnews is still one of the best.

 ;D ;D ;D cool though.

I've tried every newsreader out there except for GrabIt recently, and much like graphics software, I'm astonished at the steep learning curve. XNews is primitive, but man it works like a mule. NewsLeecher, on the other hand, still doesn't have a Help File after 3.5 versions! I use it, too, but it can be maddening.  >:(

I like 40tude dialog too -- donation ware, at that ;)


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