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Luu Tran's wry philosophy of programming

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From Luu Tran, who makes the Xnews Newsreader:

Have I regaled you with my philosophy of programming? In short:
Computers are so dumb (no thanks to coders like me) that until there's some quantum breakthrough to make it possible for the computer to empathize with the human user and really understand what the heck s/he wants to do, it's pointless to try to make them user friendly or fool proof. You'll only raise expectations and produce dumber users. Much easier to make software that's hard to use if not inscrutable. Train the users to fear your software and to expect strange if not ruinous behaviors at every turn. This way, if something does work, they are amazed and grateful. Your users will also be smarter, more knowledgable and resourceful, and won't bother you when things break. And the world will be a better place for it.

I hope he doesn't code the way he preaches... then again, *nix opensores software...   8)

Not really. Xnews is truly an excellent and easy-to-use newsreader; simple compared to NewsLeecher these days. That why you have to take his quote as tongue-in-cheek.

Xnews is under development again?! I quit using it a few years back, as he'd pretty much stated he wasn't going to be doing any more with it.  I quit checking.

Man, happy day . . . <downloading>

Now I know why Xnews is such a pain in the butt... but I still use it.


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