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TED Downloader 3.0 : Download Videos from TED


Hi, I'm Obin Shah, the developer of TED Downloader, it is a freeware which allows you to download all those inspirational videos from It’s a free tool that I had created initially for my use but thought that I should share it with others who would like to use it too. It has currently reached version 3.0.

Anyone is welcome to write mini-review, if they please. I am open to all/any comments and suggestions.

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Welcome to the site Obin.

Wow, VERY nice...I was not expecting to see a full list of videos on the site, when I loaded the software (I speed install and speed click, so I didn't bother looking at the screenshot which I just noticed lol)

I did notice, that while downloading only 1 video, the Individual File Progress Bar moved, while the 'Overall Progress' didn't (Until the download finished)...making me slightly worried as to how many videos I was downloading...Kinda thought I had hit 'Download All' which, would not have been fun; given how many videos there are...Is this intentional, a bug, a quirk, a ?  :huh:

Another note is, I selected C:\ as the download path, yet it has gone and hidden the files in C:\TED_High\TEDGlobal 2012_Jul 2012 - Is there any way to stop this, as I don't want to have to have folder after folder of videos (I figure if I selected C:\, then thats where it would go)

A feature request would be, to allow the user (me) to select which file format to download the video in (mkv, avi etc) - I know I can convert myself, but if this downloaded the file in the style I wanted, it would save a job :P

Other than that, WONDERFUL!

@mouser : thanks....lots of cool stuff here to keep me occupied :)
@ Stephen : thanks, the overall progress updates in terms of number of videos and only after the video is downloaded but i do show you the number of videos you have selected when you start download and if you do a select all, the screen is partially disabled(go ahead, try it)
As for the download path, that is by design, in case someday you decide to download same video of different video quality then your existing video should not be overwritten( TED_High, TED_Low, etc). Also, the "TEDGlobal 2012_Jul 2012" is the "TED Event Name _ Event Date"...i have added that to help you better organize(if you are collecting that is but i suppose i can give the option to not use the naming convention...ok release)
now, the file format, as for that, i am basically streaming what is hosted on their server(which is mp4) so you will have to use converters for that(though i will see if i can do something to add this without making the app heavy)
Thanks again


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