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Release: Comic Book Archive Creator

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You got mentioned in the daily directory mail. :-)

gratz :-)

You got mentioned in the daily directory mail. :-)

gratz :-)-DeVamp (July 13, 2012, 05:17 AM)
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Cool.   :)  Thanks for the heads up.

Sweet program!

Thanks.  I should really point out that the key features of this app are:

* PDF as an input format.  This means that CBAC will take a PDF and convert each page to an image file.
* The ability to change the order of images and PDFs in the list before actually creating the CBR/Z/7 file.
I will soon be adding the ability to use CBR/Z/7 files as an input format, too.

but why the dependency with winrar (more exactly the need to get winrar.exe to make it work)?

Can't be integrated instead some other free or open source (if the license allow) app as 7zip, IZArc ( a cool chinese unzipper ) or similar ?


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