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Create a file list from multiple folders

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Create a file list from multiple folders

I would like a soft for propose the folders.
Then I can obtain a list with the files sorted :

by creation or modification date
by alphabetical order

Not include the system files
Include de subfolders contained in the proposed folders.

Best Regards


I'm not certain I understand all your requirements, but you might take a look at the late Karen Kenworthy's Directory Printer.  It's extremely flexible.  I use it frequently to create CSV files for folders/subfolders content.  It's a VB6 program, so if you're using windows, you prolly have all the necessaries already installed.

Far less sophisticated, but a quick and easy hack for a recursive text dump of a directory and files:

Dump file and directory lists to text files

Need a complete list of files and directories from Windows? Don't feel like typing them manually? Here's the answer...

The following is a batch file that runs under command.exe or cmd.exe, depending upon whether you are using Windows 9x/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Copy the file contents then save it in your SendTo directory as getDirListing.bat. In Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 the SendTo directory is in <DRIVE>:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR WINDOWS LOGIN>\SendTo.

--- Code: Text [email protected] Directory and sub-directory file listing dump by [email protected] Visit for more Windows tips and tricks @echo and free software [email protected] ===[email protected]echo ===[email protected]echo Save this file as getDirList.bat in your SendTo [email protected] SendTo is under Documents and Settings in each user's [email protected] Right-click on any directory in Windows Explorer and [email protected] Send To - [email protected] ===[email protected]echo ===[email protected]echo Dumping directory listing to c:\[email protected]        (This may take some time for large directory trees.)@REM the /A switch lists all hidden and system files as [email protected] the /S switch lists all subdirectories and their [email protected] %1 /A /S > c:\[email protected] Opening c:\dirListing.txt in Notepad (Close notepad to delete file)@notepad c:\[email protected] Deleting c:\[email protected] c:\[email protected]
Right-click on any directory and choose SendTo > getDirListing.bat.



--- End quote ---

It goes in the "Send to" menu in your context menu.

But like I said, far less sophisticated. The only real benefit is that it is fast, easy, and you don't need to bother opening any software for it.

Running to try

Best Regards


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