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was my reply inappropriate because of your initial restriction:

A question for the managers of the forum.
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was my reply inappropriate because of your initial restriction...?
-gri (July 09, 2012, 03:10 AM)
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Gri, I would be glad to answer to you, but with regard to your first replay I must admit that I have understood nothing about it...  :-[ The word "grivitiniks" and the global sense of the replay are obscured for me...  :-[

Gri, I would be glad to answer to you,
--- End quote ---

Do you have your own forum ?

The donationcoder forum is inappropriate for placing of the posts
because of the several reasons.

One of them is a combination of two circumstances -
the forum software version 1.X being kept by forum administrator
under the refuse of the forum administrator
to install the grivitational mods.

In result, the link of the message in default format
leads to inoperability of the link
after moving of the linked message
from the original topic to another topic.

Version 2.X allows the operability of the short format of the links
by default, which is indifferent to moving of the posts between topics.

The probability of the forum version upgrade
is much higher than of the event of grivitational mods installation.

That's why i am forced to choose the short format of the links
in the headers of the quotes in my posts.
They will become operable automatically after the version upgrade
or after the installation of grivitational mods on 1.X,

but now they are inoperable,
thus producing inconveniences in moving along the vectors
of logical relations between the posts (grivitoniks)
and the members' ~huhs~.

The incoming edge of the mentioned logical vector,
incoming into the post with a quote, -
i named grivitinik.

While there may also exist the outgoing grivitoniks -
When the suggested direction of moving
is from the distributed posts with a quote -
to the original post walking in the Space of Grivitational Universe.

I don't even...


* Stephen66515 re-reads...

Still have no idea...

Anyone care to translate?  :wallbash:

Not me.   :redface:


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