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DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

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Try this version, BSM 0.7

Now fully internal file list retrieval which, oddly enough, is faster than using DOS for small numbers of files but only about 25% slower for large numbers, (eg. 75 seconds as opposed to 60 seconds for 768780 shortcuts) ... so not too bad.

Seems to handle accented characters OK, @gpsTao - it handled all the shortcuts you sent me on my system fine.

Because it now uses purely AutoIt for file retrieval I might have a look at updating the statusbar with file numbers while it's searching and perhaps being able to cancel the search.


Moved BSM v0.7 from my above post to this one.

It'll stay as it is for a little while before I implement possible process interrupt and counting ... bit of other work to do first.

I have made a AutoIt script for this: LNKSubstringReplacer
Will replace all substrings specified with your specified desired replacement substring in all Target and WorkingDir fields of LNKs specified in a directory you specify. Also has a simulated mode to show you the effects of your replacement in a text file so you can see what is found and what LNK target substring matches you have.

LNKSubstringReplacer Link LNK Path Substring Replacer

DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

Thanks for sharing that, robert :up:


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