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DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

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Let's suppose we have thousands of shortcuts pointing to images (contour plots), with the images all grouped together in the particular folder:


Partial list of the image files:


All the shortcuts -- one per image above -- are burried in carefully named and organized subfolders within the particular root folder:


Now suppose we decide for whatever reason that we want to move all the images to another folder:


Notice that the "4" has changed to "work".

Now all the shortcut files pointing to the first folder need to be changed accordingly.

The shortcut-altering program should be 'recursive', as the shortcuts are buried in subdirectories within the main shortcut folder.  But the task is identical for each shortcut.... 


"C:\4\shortcuts\50501\(image file)"


"C:\work\shortcuts\50501\(image file)"

Anyone here interested in writing a program that can accomplish the task?  Seems this would be a useful program.  If one already exists, I haven't found it.

The solution we presently have is to recreate all the shortcuts from scratch.  Skwire's "File Punter" can do that nicely.  Perhaps, however, it might be appropriate to have a "Batch adjust shortcut targets" program.

Comments appreciated.


Nicholas Kormanik
[email protected]

You might as well simply use File Punter to regenerate the shortcuts.  It would actually cost more to read the current shortcut and generate a new one than to simply generate a new one.  Make sense?

Could bulk re-create the LNKs via Ctrl+A (select all the images), then hold Alt and click-n-drag to bulk create shortcuts for each image file....   Unfortunately this would put them all into where ever you dropped them (you'd then have to re-create your directory tree).


Yep, does make sense.

I actually need to replicate (but with tiny path-tweak) all the shortcuts 12 times.  12 huge folders of images in total.

The conundrum is..., File Punter has already created one great workable set of shortcuts.  All are perfect.  16110 of 'em.  Buried and organized nicely within the relevant shortcuts folder for the first set of images.

So I was hoping to simply copy the entire set of shortcuts 11 more times, and merely adjust the shortcuts (recursively) to point to the next image folder.

It's not really that I'm "moving" the first set of images.  I just used that as an understandable illustration.  What I'm actually doing is creating 11 more image sets, in addition to the first.  So will need sets of shortcuts for each set of images.  Since I have a perfect set of shortcuts for the first set of images, it does seem reasonable to use it again and again, if the path-tweak can be made for each of the additional 11 sets.

Set #1 Shortcuts --> Set #1 Images
Set #2 Shortcuts --> Set #2 Images
Set #12 Shortcuts --> Set #12 Images

But, too, does seem like a useful program to have available for the world.  No one seems to have come up with it yet.


By the way, in addition to the path changing, the filename target changes as well.

What changes in the filename is the "50501" part, becoming "50502", for the second set of images.  And on and on.


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