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DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

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Ops, sorry... didn't read that before!  :Thmbsup:

BSM shows Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable. for me
i'm trying to change Disk letter of all of the shortcuts paths in the start menu.
i tried: G:\\(.*) -> D:\\\1 , G:(.*) -> D:\1 , $G(.*) -> D\1 , "G(.*) -> "D\1
all give me that error with or without test&recurse checkboxes
-gendalf (September 29, 2014, 06:07 AM)
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OK, found a problem due to some shortcuts in the Start menu not having a normal target, (ie. file or folder), an example is the "My Computer" shortcut.  A simple check for a valid file/folder target should fix that.

Oddly enough, v0.3 ran without a problem ... hmmm  :huh:

Currently you can paste a path in the folder selector that opens but I'll make the text field accept input too.

Yes, work in part.
I was able to change the path, this works fine.
But I couldn't change the name using the same search parameters..

For example:
I change the path from D:\RODOTECPAV\NF - Rod\09 2014\PDF\ to D:\RODOTECPAV\NF - Rod\10 2014\PDF\
Using the parameter 09 (old path) 10 (new path)... this works nice and prety simple

But I tried to change the name using the same parameters and nothing changes...
My shortuct names are like PDF 09.2014 Rodotec

Am I doing something wrong?
The parameters to change the name are diferent?-weberxw (September 27, 2014, 02:22 PM)
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From the above it sounds like you expect BSM to change the name of the shortcut.

BSM does not change the name of the shortcut, if the shortcut is named PDF 09.2014 Rodotec then it will stay the same.

BSM changes the target that the shortcut points to - is that clear?

If you want to change the name of the shortcut then one of the many bulk renamer programs will do it easily.

Although I do have an idea which may or may not work.

BSM v0.6

* Checks to see if the the Target of a shortcut is not null, (eg. various shortcuts in the Start Menu)
* Can paste into the folder text field
It's here

I could not run. An error here:

Can you archive what shortcuts are in that folder and email them to f1796233(a) please so I can test on my machine.


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