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Stick-A-Note + Universal Viewer - Mini-Review

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By the file's Comments field I mean the "Comment" column that you can add in Windows Explorer (Windows7).
xplorer² has this note about using Comments:
File comments rely on an advanced NTFS feature called “Alternate Data Streams”
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-IainB (April 10, 2014, 06:27 PM)
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I'm on Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, UAC On, user account, and can't see a Comments field in Windows Explorer.  Total Commander mentions "NTFS file comments, MS-Office embedded comments, comments from files.bbs and descript.ion, etc. if available."  Explorer comments are supposedly available by pressing Alt+Enter.  On a generic .TXT file that just seems to get me the standard Properties box.  On a PDF, the Properties box has an extra PDF field that says "Information on this page reflects the actual contents of the Adobe PDF file. This page may differ from other pages of this property sheet that display Information from the Windows file system."  Whatever that means.  I can't seem to add or change information.

One good thing about third-party solutions; they aren't dependent on the vagaries of the particular version of the OS  >:(

I am finding that the Comment field (for most files) and the Tag field (in image files) are potentially two very useful tools for increasing and storing file meta-data. I just wish they were easier to use and get into an information management database.-IainB (April 10, 2014, 06:27 PM)
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Agreed, and wouldn't it be nice if there were a universal standard.  DESCRIPT.ION has been the closest to that for years, though it's primarily text description, whereas you seem interested in more extensive metadata.

^^ Making use of some odd bits and pieces to get my daughter another laptop (I just destroyed hers with a tea spill), I have just built up an old DELL Inspiron laptop (Intel Centrino Duo CPU), fitted with an old 120GB hard drive from a dead Toshiba laptop, and a new/unused Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit.
I have been running it with UAC ON and OFF, and I had no problem in adding the Comments and Tags columns into Windows Explorer. The same columns show up in xplorer² also.

This is the first time I have ever installed/used Vista, so it was all a bit of a discovery for me. Seems a lot like Win7. Or, more correctly, Win7 seems a lot like Vista.

I recall using DESCRIPT.ION files - I think it was under 4DOS, which I used a lot at one time.

2018-07-11 0239hrs: Just did a major rework of the somewhat outdated Mini-Review OP.
The images seem to have all been put out of order during the changes to the website.
I am in the process of tidying up the tail-end parts of the review.
Stick A Note remains as one of my favourite and most reliable apps., and I am finding new uses for it as a file note tool.

Stick A Note remains as one of my favourite and most reliable apps., and I am finding new uses for it as a file note tool.
-IainB (July 10, 2018, 09:47 AM)
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Thanks IainB for the encouraging words :)
Ath gave me some useful points, but I am still under (development on) GST pressure. Add to it I fell in bathroom last week. Doctor says I was lucky as bones are looking intact and few weeks rest should recover the pain. Well, I thank love and blessing of DC members too for it.

Hope to recover fast and find some time before NANY 2019.



We are wishing you the best in your recovery!  Maybe your next NANY app can be an app to help people avoid falling in bathroom :)


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