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Looking for camera accessory


Hi, are there any digital camera buffs here that could help me find this :

LCD Timer Battery Grip for Nikon D40X D40 D60 - it's not the ordinary battery grip just with extra batteries but the one with timer functions too.

It's disappeared here in France but I think it could be found in the UK and the USA - I'm also looking for a good price tag  :P


This one won't fit?

Thanks cranioscopical but that one is for the D80 or D90 and it wouldn't fit. However there is the right one on that site but in the meantime I've found another offer (I've been at it all day and discovered that a lot of sale sites in the US won't deliver to Europe) here and cheaper too !
Anyway thanks for your help.

Nice, and the remote's useful if you haven't one already  :)


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