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Help me think of a small ipad app idea to code

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mouser, are you still looking for ideas?

I want to know how difficult it would be to create a simple app that just receives notifications. How complicated is the app itself, what infrastructure or services are required to push notifications to the app?

For example, much like you do for the RSS feed, every time you see a story of notice on DC, push a notification to the ipad app which of course has a cody icon.

anyway, food for thought.

How about an app that does facial recognition on images and warns the user before uploading an image with duckface? ;D

mouser - any updates on what you're planning/thinking?

I haven't heard or come up with a simple idea that seems really great to me yet, so I'm still looking.  Since my experiences with apple coding have all been negative in the past, and since i don't intend to spend too much time on ipad/iphone coding, I'm definitely looking for a small idea to get my feet wet -- a snack if you will.  I'm considering possibly making a small game.

A tower defense game maybe? Little mice running around with mouser & Cody towers~! :D


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