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Help me think of a small ipad app idea to code

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From what I hear, use Xcode not other frameworks, as you will still have to learn the API's anyway but debugging becomes a lot harder, and other frameworks need to be updated after new OS releases to stay in sync. Apparently in a few days you will get used to the different syntax. Most of the time goes in learning the APIs.
-justice (June 14, 2012, 04:32 AM)
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One of the core issues with Xcode is that it forces an MVC methodology on you, which turns the simplest tasks into something far more involved and complicated than they need to be.

It's not that MVC is bad or anything - but for simple things, it's overkill and completely counterproductive.

"How small is small"?

Are you looking to spend more of your time on internal logic or pretty graphics? For better or worse, what the i-device generation did well was bring shiny graphics to the masses.

Stoic Joker:
Avoid any hair pulling ... Consider the demographic ... And then cater to the lowest common denominator...

How about a good RSS reader that has:

* a workable "find RSS feed link on webpage" discovery feature
* doesn't crash every 10-15 minutes - or once you get more than 20 feeds or a hundred article links in the database
* has a button to save directly to InstaPaper and Pocket (formerly: ReadItLater) And most important of all:

DOES NOT require a Google Reader or another web-based reader account in order to work.

AFAIK there is only one iOS reader that isn't using Google right now. It's called rssrunner and it's by Golden-Apps.

It hasn't been updated in ages despite endless promises of great things in the works. It's also flaky and crash/lockup prone.

I would pay good money for a genuine standalone RSS reader running under iOS that works as advertised. (And yes, I think "known crappy quality" is the main reason why so many iOS apps are offered for "free.")

I'm told RSS readers are not that complicated to code. Many times they're supposedly given as an optional assignment in intermediate level coding courses. No that I'd know. So if it turns out something like this isn't "small" please feel free to ignore.

+1 for 40hz

An RSS reader would be good.

One of the most complicated things for a GOOD RSS reader is scheduling threads to download stories. I heard Nick Bradbury talk about that once and the extreme effort it took, and that he'd tucked the option away in a tiny little menu item because the UI usability was so very important to him, and despite the effort, that's all it warranted. (The topic was actually about good UI design.) (Nick wrote Homesite way back when.)

One cool thing would be a feature to snag RSS feeds from sites that you visit in the browser (from the history) then offer frequently visited sites as choices to the user. (And good ****ing luck in doing anything like that in iOS or any mobile platform where things are so horribly isolated that almost every cool integration is impossible unless your name is Apple, Google, or Microsoft...) That I would really like in an RSS reader. Sometimes finding RSS feeds on a site can be a PITA, and having it done automatically from stuff you already visit? That would be cool.


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