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Help me think of a small ipad app idea to code

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Hi all,

I have a long and entirely negative history with Apple, especially with coding for apple devices.  In high school I had a programming job that was smooth sailing until it came to porting code to a first generation macintosh, which was pure hell.  And I am definitely not a fan of the company.

However, I have been gifted an iPad, and after a few decades my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I want to experiment with coding an ipad app that could actually go into the app store for a buck or so.

Any small app ideas?  I'm not looking for anything groundbreaking or large -- chances are high that I'm going to dislike the process of developing for Apple as much as ever and not want to spend much time on it.

DonationCoder forum browser app.

But then all the Apple hipsters would be here on DC ruining the place. :'(


Baby Daughter has an iPhone ... complains that the movie apps available don't much suit her (don't know why, but suspect it's locational ... she wants to know what's playing here not what's being currently released).  Might be worth a look ... movies for a certain ZIP/locale, city, maybe even particular theatre conglomerate.  Just a thought.

(Yeah, I know it's not an iPad, but the basics are, to the best of my knowledge, the same.  Only difference is screen size  :P.)

Hey! I have a great little idea for you!

Make an app that:

1) Opens up a song in the music library.
2) Lets you select a few seconds of the music, e.g. A line in the chorus, etc.
3) Fade in/out on the clip.

Sorry... That was naughty of me... Of course you can't do that because you don't have file access to the media library in iOS. You would simply bang your head against the wall in frustration as things are locked down to insane levels. :P

How about a custom browser that lets you surf Apple Hate sites? :P

While that would take you around about 10 minutes in Visual Studio, you'll quickly find that it takes a day or more in Xcode...

Man... I gotta come up with better ideas... :(

Ok, how about this...

Nah... You'd just pull your hair out again...

Ok! I've got it!

A comprehensive hello world app that demonstrates multiple screens that maintain state with different widgets/controls on the various pages, does a few nifty things, like animate Cody or something, and links back to the tutorial page on DC~! :D

DC iOS Hello World~!

It would let you explore things and write up an article on it all.

In any event, good luck.

Oh, and you might want to look at MonoTouch as you can use C# instead of Objective-C, which may lead to less hair loss. (And you're not forced into Xcode... where everything takes 3x as long... on a good day...)

Now you have an ipad feel free to ignore Renegade :P
From what I hear, use Xcode not other frameworks, as you will still have to learn the API's anyway but debugging becomes a lot harder, and other frameworks need to be updated after new OS releases to stay in sync. Apparently in a few days you will get used to the different syntax. Most of the time goes in learning the APIs.

Possible miniapp idea:
Lazy workday clock - A clock that runs slow in the mornings and fast in the afternoon. Always wanted one on the wall, but an interactive one would be fun. Take your time in the morning and finish early.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


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