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Help me think of a small ipad app idea to code

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+1 for the DC forum (generic SMF access) app, though I'm not sure if it was suggested in jest.

Safari won't let you upload images or any other files to the forum, so anyone using an iPad can't fully participate unless he's using a jailbroken device with a 3rd party plugin or one of those full-fledged forum apps that have a list of forums they support and need each forum admin to do some tweaking/installing before the app works there. They also have a very different forum interface than the one we're used to.
So basically, a regular browser framework with the added ability to upload files.

I can't imagine why any indy developer in their right mind, or with a shred of self-resoect, would still want to do an iOS app after reading that. You could almost excuse or overlook anything in the article except for how paid support request tickets not only went unanswered, but were apparently ignored.

How many times do small but hopeful iOS developers need to get slapped in the face and laughed at before they 'get' the message Apple is sending them?
-40hz (August 22, 2012, 11:05 AM)
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Y'know, I've always had a distaste for Apple - since the mid-eighties or so - too proud, too much brag, too expensive ... but they've come up with a plethora of new reasons to fuel that distaste.  They do try, don't they  :-\ :P?


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