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Clipstory (Access Your Full History of Clipboard Items) 100% Off at BitsDuJour

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Clipstory (Access Your Full History of Clipboard Items) 100% Off at BitsDuJour

Access Your Full History of Clipboard Items

On any given day, you copy and paste so many items that you probably don't even think about it. But just imagine how much more productive you'd be if you could copy and paste more than a single item to the Windows clipboard at a time! Clipstory gives you that exact functionality, and so much more.

With Clipstory, every item you copy to the clipboard is saved in a history file. Later on, you can quickly cycle through your entire history of copied text, files, images, audio and binary data! Not only does Clipstory allow quick access to frequently used clips, you also have the ability to tag items, see extra details about each clip, and save clipped items to disk.

But wait, it gets better! You can set up Clipstory to automatically save clipped items to folders based on their data type, even going as far as to instantly convert image files to your desired format!
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@erikts: Thankyou for posting about Clipstory. I had never seen it before.
Having downloaded it and played about with it for a while, I can report that it has some unique and nifty features that I have been looking for, for a l-o-n-g time.    :Thmbsup:    :Thmbsup:    :Thmbsup:

Yea, I was just tinkering with it as well.  The "Listeners" feature is interesting.  It doesn't provide a pop-up list of clips though.  It only shows you one at a time and you have to use the arrow keys to cycle through them.... 
I think I like Mouser's Clipboard Help+Spell better....

Thanks erikts, I have a few clipboard programs and it's always cool to see how each one can be useful.
I don't run them all at the same time, but knowing that I have the ability to change to certain ones for specific purposes is nice to have.

Yea...  Actually I have several installed as well.
ClipX is probably the one I've "gone back to" the most times...   :P


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