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DC Mug/TShirt Designs that would be nice to have an artist for..

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Criticize, correct or suggest away. I'm not 'sensitive'.  ;D

Dark Cody.

My understanding is that the design should have few colors
-sword (August 15, 2012, 11:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

Not entirely true...

Cafe Press, which is where the DC mugs and T-shirts come from, does great full color printing. The only real issue is the color white on most things that have a base color. Instead of coming up white, it lets the color of the item show through. I have a gray sweat jacket with the left half of this Cody image on it (from 2008), and everything that is white, including Cody, is gray.

Thanks. I could make any next designs using pale yellow or something. Others are doing a better job. I have only owned two, plain dark green sweat shirts and know almost nothing about them  :)

Cody and highly suspect genealogy.  :) Just for fun.

Dark matrix one.


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