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Animal Friends thread

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Not so sure if these are "friends"...

Herd Of Drunken Elephants Ransack Indian Village After Drinking Purloined Liquor

A pack of boozing elephants turned a small Indian village upside down Sunday as they trampled crops and homes in search of a strong local alcoholic beverage called Mahua.

About 50 elephants had been drawn out of the jungle by the smell of the drink, according to the Times of India, and their first stop was a shop that sold the beverage. The elephants made quick work of the shop's supply --18 containers of the drink, made from the nectar-rich flowers of the mahua tree.
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But it is kind of funny!

Can't find a better place for this...

Can't find a better place for this...

-Stephen66515 (November 23, 2012, 08:23 PM)
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How about here?

Dog brings cat home on command:

Peter the Elephant plays a Green Piano:



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