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"For past year devoted Masha has been waiting in a hospital for the beloved owner who will never return...
A little dog that waits in vain at a Siberian hospital for the owner who has already died has been dubbed Russia’s own Hachiko. Heartbroken Masha has been turning up looking for her beloved master every day since he passed away at the facility in Novosibirsk last year."

Norwegian Guy Plunges Into Frozen Lake To Rescue Drowning Duck

"When a homeless man in Brazil had an epileptic seizure, his dog Spike wasn't about to let him out of his sight. When the ambulance carrying the man headed to the emergency room, Spike chased after it. Eventually, the paramedics stopped to let Spike aboard. The loyal canine was also allowed to accompany his friend inside the emergency room as he recovered."


It appears Sebastian views his human family as a pride... just like wild lions do.   :)



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