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Time-Based Task Recommendations To-do List


Paul Keith:


Similar Service:

Unique feature: Time slider:

It's not quite a time tracker, not quite a notable list app but pretty cool recent modifications on the age old master list concept.

I'm posting it here more for the concept than the website though.

I think, while the actual site, is great in that it's an existing product the sliding feature can better be suited for things like narrowing down a set of items that has a certain amount of subtasks or narrowing down search key terms like a mix between Workflowy's/Evernote search with Google Instant type recommendations based on how far the slider goes.

Another idea I would like to have is a subtask that is controlled by the slider kind of like a curtain.

Nothing major though but I've been out of the loop and I really haven't chanced upon anything new with productivity softwares/concepts.


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