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Hi all,
I made a small advert on my website for, and I noticed that I couldn't find a banner that would really fit my sidebar.
The large ones are too large, and the small ones too small ;)
I eventually settled for the small Cody logo, but I'd like to know if someone has already made a bigger one ? About the size of the 'Get Firefox' logo (160x60 pixels) ...
Also, I'm (thanks to Mouser's generosity) an 'Charter honorary member' ; I'm proud of that, but does that give me the right to use the 'Charter member' banner on my website ? I have placed it at the bottom, but please tell me if I must remove it...
Cheers, and thanks for all !

great to see you are using it :)
yes you are a full charter member now so of course you can use that :)

i'd love to see more buttons and banners staring cody.

we will offer some cups as prizes to the best ones :)

Another subject : I'm offering PocketGriddler, my pocketpc puzzle game, as freeware on my website.
I always wanted to publish it here, but I was waiting until I would have coded a Windows version, because I don't think that the PocketPc version would be interesting for many people here.
The problem is, I can't start working on it until a few months, because of my daily work at the office, my new Xbox360 at home ;) , and the fact that I'm trying to get my motorbike driving license...
Do you think it would be interesting to make a small page with the PocketPc version ? Or should I wait a few months till I program a Windows release ?

Perfect timing for this question.

Now that we've got the DonationCredits system in place i feel like we can finally provide a reasonably easy way for them to receive donations, and have a more symbiotic relationship to the rest of the site.

This was a major motivation for the DonationCredits thing - to make it easier for programmers and reviewers to receive donations.

Now we just have to figure out a sensible policy for adding more software and authors.. We need to discuss this more here at the forum.

some other side notes:

anyone on the site is welcome to put a link on their own offsite pages to the donation page for them at
here's some sample html code that shows a gold coin that will link to your donation page, just change ######## to your userid number, which you can find by clicking the profile button above and then clicking "account settings on the left", and then look it the url address above and copy the number after the u=

<a href=";search=########;sa=search;fields=uid"><img src="" style="vertical-align:bottom;margin: 0 0ex;" alt="donate to author" />&nbsp;Donate to author.</a>

when users click that they will be taken to your donation page here where they will read your blurb donation profile and can either donate to you with credits if they are a member, or visit your offsite paypal donation page if you've configured one.  for more info on configuring these see:

another point:
we are about to start a huge C++ Builder programming contest which might be perfect for making a windows version of your program; prizes for the winners plus we'll be spotlighting winning programs to try to get them some donations.  seems like might be a perfect match :)

Thanks for the quick answer, Mouser !

About the programming contest, unfortunately PocketGriddler is written in C# (not in C++) ; anyway, I will not be able to begin programming before the summer comes... and you know how summer sun, fresh pools and cute girls in bikinis are bad for programming ;)

Cheers !


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