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Windows Aero (transparent window borders, etc.) is dead.. Good riddance

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The Windows 8 Desktop's Metrofied LookWindows 8 may be edging ever-closer to completion, but Microsoft is apparently still noodling around with it. The latest evidence: Last Friday’s blog post by Windows design honcho Jensen Harris.

He says that the company has decided to eliminate Aero, the default visual theme in Windows Vista and Windows 7. In Windows 8, even the desktop — the home for all classic Windows apps which don’t use the radically-new Metro interface — will have a Metro-like look that abandons transparency and gradients and curvy shapes for a simple, squared-off presentation.
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Yes, yes, and more yes  :up:

Aero slowed down the computer, added additional unpredictability to ui design, and was a move in the wrong direction.  It's great to hear that MS may be moving towards a simpler cleaner approach.


Don't find this very simple or clean, just low contrast?

Well if it were up to me i'd go back to win2k classic look, with standard menu bar and no ribbon.  But it's still a step in the right direction.

Well if it were up to me i'd go back to win2k classic look, with standard menu bar and no ribbon.
-mouser (May 22, 2012, 10:33 AM)
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The inventor of ribbon should be put to use a word processor without a physical keyboard. That would be the just punishment for his/her "contribution" to human knowledge.

I am not an Aero hater, but I still liked the WinXP's Luna style better. What I do not get is why Microsoft removed it from Vista/7. Would it be so bad if those accustomed to the XP look would be allowed to use it in newer Windows?

It sounds silly to me that Microsoft build a whole sub-system that can handle various UI styles and then only allowed people to choose from 1 style. I know that there are hacks that allow people to use other styles, but why isn't there an official way or why does not Microsoft create at least 10 different styles?


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