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Is Linux just a hobby?

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I could have said, "Is Linux for real?!"

I've spent some considerable time over the last week trying to get into Linux,
especially with LinuxMint which seems to be the second best after Ubuntu.

Decided to give the recent 201204 Debian edition a spin (learning steep is high) and it was hard to get it installed (dual boot).
My major problem with it was opening programs like Firefox, OpenOffice (oops! LibreOffice).
Thought it was bad on my Windows7 but they take forever to open even on Linux!
And... you can't press ctrl+shift+Esc to know if they're runnin' or not.
And then Firefox jams.
You click on the exit button, nothing happens.  :mad:
Again, you can't ctrl+shift+Esc to see if it's going tilt or not.
And yet, i gave this Debian edition all the juice (and more!) that was required on installation.
Besides, many pages in Firefox never look as good as on Windows.

Then i decided to give LinuxMint's latest Maya Cinnamon edition a try.
Same problem.

Heck, my friend has Firefox running on an old XP and it performs twice as fast as on my system!  :-[

What gives? I don't know.

Running here on Windows 7 Home Ed. Intel Duo ; 2.52Ghz ; 4G memory with 500G hard disk.


Ah yes, the grand old OS wars.
I had a thread a month back describing my own Linux adventures, with the same themes on different issues.

Linux is this eternal Dark Horse that won't ever quite die but first MS then Apple then maybe Google have done a good job collectively making sure that it never gets a cultural foothold. Yet. But to use fancy business school language, if some billionaire decides to be "disruptive" and sink some scary money into "middleware" for Linux, then it could come crashing through.

So at its best the devs can't really get "fired" from working on Linux, (threat of which is what makes regular work miserable), but then at the same time no one wants to do "boring" development work either, and the bugs that slip through are what make it feel choppy.

You just need to learn what the Debian version of ctrl-shift-esc is. :Thmbsup:

Try opening the Software Center thingy (in Ubuntu) and searching for Task Manager or Process Manager or something.

You have to set the shortcut for system monitor on debian. As for hobby remark, linux is used on datacenters and is powering billion sites on the internet and this number is increasing. I just don't understand people don't appreciate the free things in life but they do appreciate walled gardens aka prison.  ;)

Then i decided to give LinuxMint's latest Maya Cinnamon edition a try.
Same problem.
--- End quote ---

Check your swap partition space. Or have you even not set it? if there is no swap space or low space then yes, this type of problem persist. Show us your partition log in linux.

Intel Duo ; 2.52Ghz ; 4G memory with 500G hard disk.
--- End quote ---
This system is capable of running even modern window managers in linux. I am not sure what makes you think it is slow unless ofcourse you're using buggy build. I don't know why you're using (often) unstable builds of debian instead of ubuntu or Mint.  Why are you expecting CTRL-ALT-DEL to work the same way on linux just because windows offered that to you. Does windows offers running linux program inside windows officially? So why should CTRL-SHIFT-ESC should work exactly like windows? You can set any shortkey for it. If you're using gnome, you can use gconf-edit and do lot of shortcut variations. Why you're expecting intelligent linux to act like dumb windows? :P

LM Debian is supposed to be the future.
Guess the future isn't here yet...  :D

LM 13 Maya Cinnamon is supposed to be built on latest Ubuntu.
Is that stable enough?

The installation process automatically assigns the amount for swap.

The fun with Windows 7 is that it just works.
You can tweak it to your liking after but you don't have to look in 50 forums before you get an satisfactory answer.

For sure, if some billionaire would come around, things would change,
but then i suppose it would become somebody else's monopoly.

BTW, my Windows 7 works just fine.
Never an unexpected delay for any program.


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