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SectionAte Fixed Hotkey editing code. I had to add some spaghetti to handle 2 different methods of editing the keyboard hotkey without resorting to the .ini file edit. Now you can also use either one to set the hotkey to blank.

SectionAte Fixed user hotkey edit bug where setting the hotkey blank generated an error msg.

this seems very interesting!

Thank you. I'm playing around with adding more than one undo per window. But I'm wondering how much actual utility that would have. Not really like an editor. It would probably be more useful to add desktop templates with different section patterns. Just have the numbering clockwise from top left. If so then I need to get some images to show the user the pattern for selection.

I have a prototype with Tray Menu that lets you click among 4 grid icons. They are all the same 3 section grid rotated. I think I have the positioning down. It's just a matter of moving the new code into the app without breaking anything.

The tray menu will show these 4 icons with text Grid A Grid B Grid C Grid D with the current shown by check mark.


I hope to have something to post this weekend.

Changing the current grid style only effect new moves. I toyed around with monitoring drag but there's a lot of problems with letting go of the mouse, timers, etc.. Complicated and eats resources watching stuff.  Whereas this method is simple and doesn't do much unless you are hitting a hotkey.  Should only use a few MB.


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