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In the main program code portion that's shown below, change the line
"~#LButton::"  to "~#s"  for Winkey +s or whatever you want. If you leave the tilde at the beginning (~) Winkey +s on the system will also fire. If you want to prevent that, remove the tilde.

--- ---; Winkey click window then press a key
  if (key != "u")    

edit: I just updated so I would recommend downloading the new version. It is the same but with a command to delete dead undo info. Just saves a bit of memory if you leave the program running in the tray constantly.

SectionAte Added Delete Dead Window Info command to tray menu. It just removes window handles to windows that have been closed, from the Undo info.  The handles are used as keys to an array of position and size info for the undo.

May save some memory if you leave the app running in the tray continually.

would it be possible to remove the mouse completely from the equation?
-tomos (May 23, 2012, 08:38 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm working on adding a menu command to just type in the hotkey. There's a built in function for it. It's limited in the hotkeys it will accept, but it's convenient. It won't accept Winkey modifier. But something with alt control or shift or combinations and a letter should work.

I'll post when I get it working.
Once you have the .ini file with the hotkey then you should be able to edit it to change the modifier to # for the Winkey. You just can't type Winkey hotkeys directly in the little hotkey gui thingy. :)

SectionAte Added command to Tray Menu to set a Keyboard Hotkey. Once an .ini file is saved, you may quit the program and edit it so enter a hotkey that will not work in the Hotkey Gui. For example I tried #s for Winkey +s in the .ini file, and it worked.

Note that for every hotkey other than holding down Middle Mouse Button, you hit the hotkey and release, then the app waits silently for one key press.  That's the number 1 to 3 or letter such as 'g' for grid etc..

The new version has been uploaded. I also included a Readme.txt in the zip along with source and custom icon.

SectionAte Added Tray Menu command to enter keyboard hotkey as plain text. This should eliminate the need to edit the .ini file. Also the User Defined Keyboard Hotkey is displayed in the About Box. If there isn't one defined it shows a blank space next to that text.


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