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MoveIt Now the Stagger function places Explorer Windows sorted by path/title.
(e.g. "Computer" is after anything beginning with "C:\" and "D:\whatever" is after those)

I think it helps to have some kind of order. Otherwise they are picked up in z-order by the AHK list function. It was whatever was closest to the top.  The same group of folders were being placed in various orders just because one happened to be on top of another in the z-order.

MoveIt Fixed associative array memory leak in Explorer Stagger routine.

MoveIt Cleaned up the code that releases the list of Explorer Windows after they are placed. Just minor code changes. They shouldn't even be detectable to the user.

MoveIt Hopefully Explorer Stagger function now has all memory leaks plugged.

MoveIt Changed Tray Menu command from Purge Dead Window Info to Reload to Free Memory. Only really useful if you leave your machine running 24/7 with MoveIt running in the tray. It may free up a bit of memory in that case.


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