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MoveIt Preview  I thought it would feel more natural to use the Tic Tac Toe window positioning in MoveIt by dragging the window with the mouse as opposed to holding down the middle mouse button and pressing a number 1 to 9.

For this preview I have added the feature to Tic Tac Toe position by holding down the Control key while dragging the window.  The action is the same as Snap to Quadrant except the Control key is used instead of Alt.  It seems to work OK.  I have not added any documentation to the About Box (I don't know how much more I can fit there anyway) or the Readme file.

I have uploaded the attachment with just the MoveIt.exe if anyone would like to try it.

Edit: As you might expect it determines the grid location using the position of the mouse pointer when you stop dragging and let go of the Control key.

MoveIt  Added Drag window with Control key to move window same as 1-9 Positioning.

Updated about box, Readme.txt and included source code.

Edit:  Perhaps this was obvious to everyone else but since I tripped over it I thought I would pass it on.  When dragging a window holding the Alt or Control key, I found that the hotkey triggered every time if I released the mouse button while still holding down the modifier key.  No need for retries.  In fact I found I could just hold down Control while dragging the window and release the mouse to pop the window into the various positions in the Tic Tac Toe grid.  It is much more reliable than releasing both simultaneously.

I added a note to the Readme.txt.

MoveIt  Fixed a regression introduced in the last release that could interfere with Explorer file selection via Control key and Mouse.  I added a Hit test to make sure the mouse pointer is on the caption bar before moving the window.

Updated the Readme.txt.  Latest version has been uploaded.

MoveIt  Reactivated the hit test for Snap to Quadrant.  This determines the mouse pointer is on the caption bar(the window is being dragged) when the keys are released.

MoveIt  Added "One hand mode" to Tic Tac Toe window movement.  See revisions section of Readme.txt.

Basically sometimes it is awkward to hold down the control key while dragging a window to move it to a Tic Tac Toe position.  So I added a "one hand mode" methodology.  To use, hold down left mouse button on caption of window, then hold down right mouse button, drag, release left button, then release right button after the window moves.  To avoid context menu popup drag the right mouse button to desktop or off screen before releasing.

I didn't add it to the About Box.  Already too crowded and too complicated to add there.  But the Readme.txt revision section has the info.  If this mode interferes with some mouse gesture then keep running instead as this is the only change.


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