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Contest - Come up with a novel idea for DonationCredits

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The DonationCredits system is quite flexible -
one of the nice things we implemented was the ability to create "fund" accounts which people can donate into and which show their current status and goal, and are listed on the donate page (click the gold coin at top of page).

one particularly interesting aspect of funds is that it's easy to make a fund where which treats money donated to it as a "pledge" which can be refunded if the project is canceled.

that is, we could set up a fund to do something, for example let's say we wanted to have a party, so we say that if we can raise $500 then we can book a hotel, and if we can't raise it by a certain date, all money would get refunded automatically.  the nice idea here is that it lets people avoid the risk of putting in money and losing it if project is canceled.  The credit system was designed for these kinds of cancelations so it's very easy to do.

now i'm sure there are some more novel ideas that would be in keeping with this spirit of this site.. can you think of any?

we'll give away some prize credits to anyone who can come up with a novel innovative thing to add to DonationCredits...

What can you come up with?

would that $500 include plane tickets too? :huh:

Perry Mowbray:
It's getting very much like a barter system, eh? Which is good.

It's pretty easy to see the major contributors to the site and who should be major recipients of $DCs, but like you said, the beauty of this system is that the scale goes right down.

For example: you could implement System Donations, eg:

* 0.1 DC for each post in recognition of the benefit made to the site as a whole
* 1.0 DC for each mini-review
* ...which could come out of the 50% redistribution of the donation.

I'd image most people would pass those System generated points to the major contributors or other funds anyway, but it seemed like a community-based way to distribute the points.

I guess if there was a large group project it would also come in handy as someone could contribute to the project and the project team would then redistribute the donations amongst the team members as per their agreement.

The other thing that comes to mind is that anyone can then make some sort of goods or service available and be donated to: but that's back to my original "barter system" again: Person A has made a font, Person B has drawn some icons, Person C has written a library and Person Z has used them in his programme (and made suitable DonationCredits).

I think you're right: it can be good fun!

Carol mentioned about helping out a local museum in regard to Object VR. Made the point that they are not really computer literate and she didn't have access to their web server.
Made me wonder whether we could offer some DC web space, funded by credits, to groups deemed worthy of a bit of support if there's some sort of connection to a DC member as in the example just quoted. Needn't be for a whole website, but as in the example, could just have a specialized bit of stuff.

It would be a community service, it should be low bandwidth and it could have subtle DC branding.

A list of objections re practicality would probably take me too long to type - treat this as a KIV sort of idea worth considering

i am always open to providing web space to people who need it and dont have other resources.


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