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Contest - Come up with a novel idea for DonationCredits

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Any other members, or even one of the submitting members, could choose to accept the current total of "bids" and make the software release within X amount of time. If it's done in time, all bids go to the developer. If not, they are either returned or left in the project for the next developer. -broken85 (June 10, 2006, 01:04 PM)
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That's a great idea! I would amend that to include a way to give a partial credit amount if the timeframe is missed, since real work would still have been invested and "real life" can get in the way of one's plans. Maybe it could only "pay" partial credits, if needed, when the project is fully completed (with the definition of "completed" meeting some accepted standard either per project or defined overall).

Great idea!

Maybe bidders could even have the option of a "late bid amount", like entering two bids, one by when they want it, and one for when it's late but they'll still take it.


A less dismal way of implementing my last suggestion would be to make a standard bid and a "priority" bid, rather than a standard bid and a late bid. That way you'd be rewarding them for writing it quicker rather than punishing them for taking too long.



Just tell me whom to donate to and I will do it!  ;)

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