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Contest - Come up with a novel idea for DonationCredits

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Just an Idea: Referer Donations
If a Boardmember introduces someone to DC and this new guy joins the forum or donates to a programm, maybe the referer could get a little donation? The new guy just have to say at registration who is his / her referer...

nice idea.

this is an interesting idea..
it's related to an idea that javajones had about letting people from other sites use donationcoder as their system of microdonations, by letting them choose an account where a certain portion of their donation goes automatically.

for example, imagine if a site wanted to allow users to exchange microdonations and ask people to support their site, they might ask us to set up something where when someone donates to the system from their site, instead of 50% of donation going to us, 50% would go to  or 45/5, etc.

the only thing is i dont want us to become a middleman trying to profit off of being a middleman in financial transactions.. donationcredits is not all about making money as financial middleman. we can leave the financial game to paypal and google and credit cards.  and affiliate like systems always seem iffy to me.

but, there is no reason has to take 50% of new donations.. that was just a figure we started with.  it might be fun to say that 50% of each incoming donation goes somewhere.. either directly to the site account if user doesn't say anything special, or maybe if user who donates has someone specific that referred them or is their friend, they could maybe specify right away that the credits should go to them.

i guess part of the problem i have with affiliates is that you basically create this incentive system where people are hard selling other sites in order to make a profit - which i think hurts the reputations of both places.

I have an idea for donationcredits.

How about a system where a number of users can request certain types of software, and anyone who requests that software can enter a donation "bid" amount. Any other members, or even one of the submitting members, could choose to accept the current total of "bids" and make the software release within X amount of time. If it's done in time, all bids go to the developer. If not, they are either returned or left in the project for the next developer.

Users could retract their bid at any time, but I'm thinking to make it fair you cannot retract your bid within X days of the deadline, so that if a developer was relying on a certain bid price, for example to pay back something he had to purchase during development or whatever, he's not stuck with nothing at the end, unless he goes in expecting nothing, which is fine too (eg. people don't HAVE to actually bid credits, you can just request the software).

Hey, the system could even be called, *trumpets* ... Donation Coder  :D

What do you think? I think it would be a unique way of interaction between developer and user, and it would give that extra incentive for developers to create software that their users want.

Updated ideas:
It also would be cool to allow sorting by topic, title, number of users requesting, full bid amount, etc. Maybe filtering too, if you're trying to pay off your software or something you could filter it by the amount of the software. Just another idea to go along with the above.

Also, a developer showcase would be nice. if certain developers consistently cater to users needs and complete a number of requests, they could be displayed as a top developer. As a side feature to this, users could maybe even vote on completed software or graphics, and all of the votes for a developer's software add up to be his/her rating.


Ben M

In response to cPilot's idea about graphics, that could be a part of the same request system I'm talking about, there could be a "Graphics" category for requesting icons, logos, skins, icon sets, etc. Just another thought...

His idea also made me think about possible private requests, eg. one person or a group of people could "close" the request they made to further bids if, for instance, they want a graphic or something for themselves. Though that does kind of defeat the spirit of public software in a way, it would cater well to graphics. Maybe it should not be an option for standard utility requests or something.

Also, possibly private requests to a specific user or list of users. Maybe you really like a particular person's development "style" or something and want them to develop a piece of software, so you start a request for that dev or group of devs and people can still bid on it, but no other developers could accept the bids.

Perhaps this is a bit too complex, but maybe the basic ideas could be used and it could be expanded as time goes on. I would be more than happy to participate in the script's development, if needed, as well. I have fairly extensive PHP/MySQL experience so if there isn't a solution already available or in place, we could build one.


One thing I would like to see added to the forum is a form of "Graphics" snacks.
There are those of us who are "artistically" impaired and would like to be able to request maybe unique Icons, skins, bitmaps, jpegs etc. to use in their applications. 
Maybe provide a way to allow private graphic designs for those who want to copyright particular designs and such.
-Cpilot (April 07, 2006, 12:05 AM)
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