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What did you think of the review?

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I think the flash movies were a great idea (albeit somewhat large, as you noticed). Some things are hard to explain in writing or show with a screenshot, and it also gives a chance to see the program 'in action' :up:.

Yes, i think we will endevour to have at least one movie for each new review.

maybe macromedia are just hoping that you'll use flash to do the final stages of the captivate project. i think i'm right in saying that you can import captivate files into flash so i would assume that the audio could be compressed again in there.

i've not done it so i could be talking complete rubbish.

yes you can export for flash modification, and you may be able to individually export and import mp3 files for individual slides;
the strange thing is that captivate gives you two choices for compression quality of the audio, i just want it to give me a few more.

part of the problem may lie with the flash format itself. when i made my 2xl simulator (hehe even got in a plug for another of the things available at this site), i discovered that some lowfi mp3 audio formats do not play correctly in flash.

Well what did you guys think of the review?-mouser (March 19, 2005, 07:47 PM)
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Great review and very useful, as all the others. I am only missing one important data point: Unicode support. I worked recently at a project where manual file comparison and merging was a frequent task. The files were all unicode, and used various encodings: UTF8, UTF16, with or without BOM, etc. It was critical that the compare tool processed all these encodings transparently and did not alter them in any way. The company used Araxis, and I grew to love it, although it is too expensive for my personal use. It performed flawlessly; I loved the ability to click the arrows on the margins to merge one version into the other. Fast, too, even with big files. But correct Unicode handling was of primary importance (those were multilingual files used for software localization).

Does anyone know if Beyond Compare is as good with Unicode? The feature list does mention "Unicode and MBCS support", but this is listed under the "File Viewer Display" heading, which could mean that it does not apply to the editor.

Did I mention all the reviews are fantastic? I only wish I hadn't already bought most of the great software you've managed to get member discounts for :)


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