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Craig (Scooter):
Does anyone know if Beyond Compare is as good with Unicode?-tranglos (October 20, 2006, 05:43 PM)
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Yes, BC fully supports comparing, editing, and saving UTF-8 and UTF-16 with or without the byte order mark, and will automatically detect such files. 


There are two utilities that I can't live without...  Ultra-Edit and Beyond Compare.

Here's a rundown of the significant features we've planned for 3.0:

Regular Edition

* Virtually all BC2 functions
* Full-screen editor
* Syntax highlighting
* Dynamic re-comparison
* Undo after save
* Dedicated folder sync sessions
* Flattened folder compare
* Full Unicode user interface and filename support
Pro Edition

* 3-way merge
* Other miscellaneous advanced features
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BC3 News forum:

a LOT of us are looking forward to bc3!  :Thmbsup:

for me, the full screen editing is the one thing i dislike about bc2, which i otherwise love.

Good review of a good product. We are using BC2 and are testing the BC3 Beta as well.

To us, the real BC3 improvement is 3-way merge, which makes BC3 an excellent choice for any
serious CM tool (e.g. tools that, unlike e.g. VSS, CVS or SVN, provide full merge tracking).


I agree. Beyond compare is one of my favorite programs of all time. Another great feature is that it can compare the content of archives (zip, jar, war, etc). I am hoping they will add two features to a future release. Built in support for ssh and the detection of folder permissions and ownership, especially for Unix/Linux systems. I would like to be able to compare file permissions, etc. for differences.



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