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What did you think of the review?

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Well what did you guys think of the review?

I know it was long - i was thinking about whether we should split it into different pages..

please post your comments and let me know what direction you would like to see the reviews go in.

great review - the flash animation is an inspired idea (did you use macromedia captivate?).

i've used 'compare and merge' which i always thought had a nice look to it but as i only do the occasional comparison tasks i'm probably not best to pass judgement on it.

'beyond compare' looks like it has some great power user type features though. like you pointed out in the review, it's the sort of program that you will find a use for and then wonder how you ever got by without it.

anyway, the review was just the right length i would say. just enough to tempt me to give it a try - which is the main thing isn't it.  :up:

Yep, i used macromedia captivate.
i'm kind of a fan of the demo-creating softwares.  maybe a review is in the works.
i wouldn't say that captivate is flawless, it had an issue with clipping audio a bit at the ends, but it was a very easy program to use and made it quite simple to make those movies. i would have liked to be able to reduce the quality of the audio too, the audio is the main factor for the size (2mb with audio, 200k without) - i almost didn't post them because of their size..

a nice free flash demo maker (don't think it supports audio):

ah that is interesting...

i was thinking of getting captivate to do some 'tutorials' centered around photoshop but was also toying with the idea of just capturing the movies as xvid.

i'm surprised that there is no option to reduce the audio size - is there the option to import mp3 or similar compressed format?

i suppose that captivate version 2 will contain audio compression facilities - always seems there are a few obvious functions left out of major released software and then they are mysteriously included with the next update.  :)

there are 2 audio options when publishing, high qual and low qual.  it uses mp3.
the review demos i posted are low qual; i would have much preferred an option to let me make it lower quality,
as i think their review of low is still better than it needs be and i would have preferred the space savings.


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