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Keyboard keys 'stuck' (software???)

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Dell Studio 1735 laptop - Running Windows 7

Recently I have had problems playing games where my keys get 'stuck' but not physically. After releasing the Move Forward button for example, there is roughly a 2 second delay before my characters actually stop moving. I have checked online on several websites and most of the topics I find that are related, all point to sticky keys, which I have verified are turned off.

This has occurred over several different games, both full screen and windowed mode, using different keys, (NumPad, Arrows, WASD) and the problem persists. The laptop has been turned off and rebooted with no change. Any ideas?


Don't you happen to use TapTap Hotkey Extender? It sometimes causes exactly this behavior.

I don't use TapTap Hotkey Extender. I appreciate the thought though.

This might help. I would hazzard a guess, from what you describe, that the holding down of a key under certain game-playing circumstances sometimes somehow triggers the keyboard buffer to store the key depression as repeat key presses, which are then fed sequentially to the processor - possibly after a timed delay.
In Win7-64 Home Premium, you can mess about with these settings to some extent by setting up "Filter keys" (see screenshot clip below). You used to be able to mess about with them a bit in XP as well, but I forget how. Might be worth experimenting with - "suck-it-and-see".

I've played around with the Filter Keys and there is no change at all after enabling and disabling them. Thanks for the suggestion.


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