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I am still thinking about if/how I would be able to make this app. I have been very busy with my job and the other apps I have (Color My Folder, FastUnzip Snack and others) that I have not had too much time as of yet to completely get into this.
-c.gingerich (May 17, 2012, 07:17 AM)
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Have you thought about it?

Yes, and still thinking on interface elements and how to put them together. I hope soon to make a proof of concept test app. Getting closer to starting on it. Thanks for being patient with me.

I think the best that I can do, is make it so the web address can be drag/drop onto a fields that will then show the web page in a window. Then the user would have to make a screen shot of a section of the web page for the thumbnail. Then I would associate the web address with the thumbnail. Clicking on the thumbnail would then open the web page in the default browser.

In the mean time, I was checking few bookmark managers and found that some of them have the ability to grab information (Title, Description, Web page icon, etc.) from the entered URL automatically but lack in the "view" feature (We are looking for thumbnail view just like Explorer view)

Basically, I look at it like this. The user first launches the program and then it prompts the user to create an initial "Collection" (just like a folder) with the ability to create sub-folders (like Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, etc.).

For images, the user would first select the respective image folder and then click on some icon (maybe on toolbar) or a button like "Add bookmark". The program would then open up a window (like a wizard) where it provides the user to either (a) automatically grab the information of the page after we enter the URL or (b) manually provide information for the following fields: URL, Name, Description, screenshot of image, etc. After many such image bookmarks have been added, the user should be able to select the view as List, Detail, Thumbnail (just like explorer view). When the user double-clicks on the image, it should open the image in the web browser.

For videos, the user would specify the link to the video and also the ability for the user to select the image from the webpage. For images, this does not pose any issues, but coming to online video, currently we see videos either as links (Ex: or flash videos like in YouTube. If the video is a flash video, will the program be intelligent enough to take a thumbnail image of the video?

The same concept can be applied to entire webpages and documents.

Hmmm, well I think I may have to pass this off to someone else. The programming language i use is not powerful enough to be able to grab info from a page or make a thumbnail of a flash video. That is why I has said about the screen cap. Sorry, just a little more that I can do.  :-[ :(


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